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Wedding Venue Options

The UK has over 3,500 licensed civil wedding venues, including castles, hotels, theatres, art galleries and football stadiums. Choosing the perfect wedding venue and wedding reception venue can be a difficult task for the bride and groom and you can spend weeks, or even months, visiting venues until you find the ideal one.

To make the decision easier, the bride and groom should discuss their ideas and narrow down their choice before visiting any venues. You may want to get married in a place that reflects your common interests, such as a theatre, favourite restaurant or sports stadium, or the bride may want a fairytale affair in a historic castle like pop star Madonna, who married husband Guy Ritchie at Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Bear in mind that you might want to have your wedding photographs taken at the venue, so it is a consideration to think about how photographic the wedding venue is.

As more and more venues earn the right to hold wedding ceremonies, the choice becomes more varied and unusual. These days you can get married in hotels, such as the Rembrandt Hotel in London, spas, including the Lythe Hill Hotel and Spa in Surrey, and museums, such as the Science Museum in London. Alternatively you could get married in a supermarket, town hall, historic mansion, rustic barn, TV studio, film set, or even on a cruise boat.

Of course, many couples still prefer traditional wedding venues such as a church ceremony followed by a reception at a hotel, or those following a different faith, such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism may want to have a traditional religious ceremony followed by a wedding reception at a different venue.

Whether you choose to have your entire wedding day in one venue or move between locations, such as a church and hotel, there are plenty of wedding venues to choose from in your area, wherever you are in the UK. To find a wedding venue thatís perfect for you, use our comprehensive listings section.

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